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Identify Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Opportunities

Explore new and innovative ways to sell more: 

  • Distribution & Channel

  • Affiliate Platforms

  • OEM Opportunities

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Cross-Sell Effectiveness 

Market Fit

​Collect credible information concerning the attractiveness, value delivered, customer preferences, market maturity and posture about a given product : 

  • Competition & Market Analysis

  • Win/Loss Deal Analysis

  • Price positioning

  • Customer Close Rates – Leads -> Pipeline Stages

  • Sales Organization Interviews

  • Stakeholder personas e.g. who makes buy recommendations v.s. purchasing decisions

  • Support Ticket Review

  • Sentiment Analysis

Understand how customers experience your solutions from the moment of interest to the point of abandonment or licensing.

Act on areas of need

Get an outside point of view

Solution Assessment

Above the fold: Product research and assessment

Ideal for answering questions like

Are your solutions fit-for-purpose to thrive in the market?

What are the market needs, interest, and drivers to license

How can you better initiate, develop, increase licensing and sell more?

What can we do to reduce abandonment and increase lifetime value (LTV)

What alternatives are available?

What if we delay this work?

What are the annualised gains of a project that can be re-invested?

At what moment do people make a decision to license or abandon?

Increase the value of your offerings and de-risk from misguided ideas.

Gain a better understanding of your customers 

Validate your insights

Determine whether your product helps your customer achieve success

Achieve data-driven product development

Build an effective product strategy

Have a strategic edge over your competition

Let's talk

​Prioritise action points for remediation.

Voice of the Customer

  • ​Customer Interviews

  • Moment analysis - where decisions to license or abandon are made

  • Independent Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Support Ticket Review

  • Onboarding/Training Review

Process Maturity

Process Maturity

  • Product Portfolio Review

  • Product Team Composition & Readiness Assessment

  • Turnover Review

  • M&A History

  • Technical Debt Management Strategy

  • Software Development Lifecycle Review

  • Development organization integration

  • Roadmap & Timeline History Review

  • Estimation Accuracy Review

  • Backlog & Release Analysis

  • Feature Request Review

  • Competitive Product Review

​Capabilities & Execution

Understand how to best modify an offering that is already available in the market: 

  • Core Purpose Analysis

  • Onboarding & Setup Review

  • Functionality Review

  • Architecture Review: Security, Scalability, Reliability

  • Issue & QA 

  • Usability, UI/UX & Customer Experience

How does it work?

Product Assessments typically start with a critical examination of a software program. It involves collecting and analyzing information about a program's engagement journey, activities, characteristics, and outcomes. It may also include historical analysis and market feedback research. 

Depending on the scope and breadth of assessments, we will estimate the amount of effort needed to determine how a software product or combination of software programs stand relative to the needs of a target customer.

These assessments are most often performed fully remotely, with limited portions requiring on-site presence. 

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