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Holivia Logo: Above the fold


Engage with confidence

Persuade key stakeholders, spark excitement and build anticipation for what is to come: 

  • Communications

  • Project Delivery

  • Personal introduction

  • Customer proposition

  • Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Investor Engagement

Access knowledge other people do not

Access knowledge other people do not

​Understand the bigger picture, and back up your conclusions: 

  • Fact validation & updating

  • Mystery Shopping

  • Risk Assessment

  • Potential new partners and suppliers

  • New regulations

  • Background checks

  • Target v.s. Outcomes

Map your environment

Map your environment

Validate your insights and test hypothesis: 

  • Financial & Licensing Models

  • Due Diligence

  • Audit/SWOT

  • Competitive Posture

  • Disruption

  • New technology

  • Rising competitors

  • Shifting consumer preferences

Focus on advancing your business while we help you build financial & operating models, background briefs and reports.


Develop opportunities and drive sustainable change.

Get an outside point of view

​Executive Intelligence

Ideal for you in your role as a


thinking about making a large acquisition to enter a new market

Product Developer

working to stay ahead of shifting trends

Brand Manager

creating buyer personas to shape marketing efforts


building a pitch to secure funding from venture capitalists

Leaders that get significant value from new ways of working.


Helping you connect the dots

Avoid getting “Ubered” like the cab industry and stay in touch with the digital direction your market is taking

Proactively discover gaping holes in your service that impact your customer's satisfaction that outsiders may prey on

Mesh your gut instincts with high-quality data and analysis in your thinking and planning

Effectively de-risk decisions and achieve broader support

Make the hard decisions with confidence

Let's talk

​Adapt quickly and make great impressions

Our Holivia Leadership research techniques use a mesh of external research techniques while using data already in your systems to build financial and forecasting models. This helps us explore what-if scenarios to determine opportunities, ROI, pricing and licensing strategies, market positioning etc., helping you and your team to make smarter, data-driven decisions. ​

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