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​Advance your technical endowment

​Advance your technical endowment

Chief Operating Officer working with team

Chief Operating Officer (COO) as a Service

Driving the overall health and sustainability of your business operations. 


​Well versed across digital, financial, hr, development and legal, we are able to: 

  • Take a key role in all aspects of planning.

  • Manage technology risks

  • Assess opportunities & business cases

  • Drive digitalisation projects

  • Map digital transformation strategies that will move your business forward

  • Free you up to focus on business development

  • Help you engage in investor relations

  • Support you plan your company’s future

Holivia Leadership gives you back the time — and mental space — that you need to grow your business in this modern digital world.

​Modern demands spanning mobile, cloud, data and analytics, accelerated the adoption of technology to expertly support remote work, customer engagement, and digital products by several years.

Access digital-native executives to expertly navigate next-generation platforms and business models.

Play the video: Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership

Above the fold: Digital Leadership

Understand the new ways of working


of customer interactions in 2020 that were digital

7 Years

Acceleration in digitally enabled products & Fully digital products

4 Years

Acceleration in digital adoption for Internal operations, R&D, customer & supply-chain integrations

Access digital-native executives to effectively use technology to drive success

Let's talk

Leverage experience

Develop new ways of to operate and manage your business

Pick and apply the best methodology for the job at hand

Leverage the telemetry and data within your systems

Ship products people want and can buy 24/7/365

Create new systems-of-work to drive efficiencies and economies of scale using next-generation platforms and business models

Develop lean business operations that unite and accelerate peoples ability to do work

Chief Product Officer and Chief Digital Officer working with team

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) as a Service

Dives in with your team to : 

  • Define an understandable and cohesive product story across your product portfolio

  • Drive the digitalisation of systems and go-to-market to maximise customer reach and channel partner engagement

  • Orchestrate the centralisation of data to create  on-demand meaningful information that can be used cross-functionally

  • Make necessary trade-off decisions

  • Collaborate with the development organisation to ensure timely and high-quality releases

Holivia Leadership has the experience to scale up a product management team, deploy best practices and grow internal resources into better versions of themselves.

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