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​Consolidate your digital strategy

Consolidate your digital strategy

Whether you are driving a single-product or multi-product portfolio business, we help answer: 

  • Is the core hypothesis of your value proposition correct?

  • Is your product value miscalculated or misunderstood?

  • Why are people loving your idea or love your demo but are not moved to actually spend money?

  • Is your product a nice-to-have or a must-have?

  • Is your portfolio rationalized correctly, or do you need a cohesive go-to-market story?

  • Are there changing market conditions that require you to act quickly?

​Mature your product management function

Mature your product management function

Ensure you have a consistent and systematic mechanism  across all of your products and product managers to: 

  • Pick the right problem to solve.

  • Think 10X!

  • Build experiences people love and can't live without.

  • Obsess about product/market fit.

  • Recognise product v.s. Over-designed feature.

  • Measure usage, feature take-rate, retention and growth. 

  • Prioritise capabilities needed to deliver value. 

  • Make invest/maintain/end-of-life decisions.

  • Balance customer and internal business needs.

  • Communicate vision across stakeholders.

Achieve the digital implementation required

Develop modernised systems of work across Product Operations, Sales Operations, Marketing Operations and Business Operations using agile methodologies to ensure: 

  • The desired value is translated into superior and easy-to-access user experiences

  • Your products are built correctly to achieve the required outcomes

  • Your products can perform and scale to expectations

  • Pro-active maintenance of bugs and issues that disrupt customers experience and success.

  • Timely shipment of value updates to budget and communicate specifications.

  • Transparency in delivery of value or resolutions. 

​Achieve the digital implementation required
​Digital matters

Digital matters

We believe that digital success is based on a balance of product value and product reachability supported by technology.

Our success in driving innovation comes from proven expertise in relevance, adoption, evidence and operations.

We can help you bring your product strategy to life and guide you through execution. When needed, we will be at your side to built product positioning, pitch deck, product KPIs and evaluate customer feedback to build a great story for successfully raising the next funding round.

They are also data-driven enabling you to better deal with data, analytics and all things digital.

Depending on your organization, you may not need the full-time services of a Chief Digital Officer, but need the level of experience and insight that one can bring to help navigate a problem or support your existing team with flexible leadership and mentorship.

A Holivia Leadership Chief Digital Officer (CDO) brings both strategic and tactical experience to any engagement. They have extensive experience helping companies digitally transform, and lead product teams to ship many types of products to market.  

Powered by deep knowledge of various business functions – development, marketing, sales, and partnerships, they have the communication skills to effectively engage your employees, management team, sales teams, customers, and investors.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Engage an experienced CDO on a part-time basis to focus on product-market fit, product strategy and address critical digital pains and challenges.

​Helping you manage and oversee all things product and digital transformation.

Not Just Advice. We Mean Action

Be supported by a trusted partner

Go after your biggest and best opportunities

Access freshperspectives

Set strategy and most importantly, take action

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